This post was written by Framingham Cosmetic Dentist’s own Dr. Perry for the website, and has been republished here. There are many circumstances that can cause discolored teeth. Most of the time, the stains are “extrinsic,” affecting the tooth enamel alone, and can be corrected. An example of extrinsic discoloration is stains caused by foods.. read more →

“How can I keep my teeth healthy?” This is something people ask us all the time – and understandably so, as we all recognize that this set of teeth in our mouth is the only set of teeth we have! What many people fail to realize, however, is that there are a lot of little.. read more →

The words “root canal” tend to strike fear in the hearts of those who hear them…and yet, most people do not really know the answer to the question, “What is a root canal?” (or, “What is root canal therapy?”). Hopefully this is something you never have to deal with yourself – but in case it.. read more →

What is computerized anesthesia? What is painless dentistry? (And is painless dentistry truly painless?) One of the things we have realized, at Framingham Cosmetic Dentist, we need to watch out for (something, really, that anyone in any professional field needs to watch out for!) is speaking in terms and phrases we understand, but that perhaps.. read more →

If you think that going to the dentist is painful or frightening, you don’t know laser dentistry from Framingham Cosmetic Dentist! What is laser dentistry? In short: it is one of the greatest advancements in dentistry – and you can experience it right here at Framingham Cosmetic Dentist. Here are some of the benefits of.. read more →

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