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Zoom Whitening Special

Zoom Whitening Special: Zoom Tooth Whitening For $299 ($500 value!)

Zoom Whitening is a bleaching process that is the most popular and effective tooth whitening system in the world – and at Framingham Cosmetic Dentist, we are offering tooth whitening using Zoom Whitening (a $500 value) for only $299!

Tooth discoloration is a frustrating problem to deal with, and tooth discoloration can occur from lots of seemingly harmless daily activities (drinking coffee and tea, for instance!). Tooth discoloration can also come from drinking cola or red wine, or from using tobacco products. Furthermore, teeth can become stained, discolored, and darkened simply through the aging process. But Zoom Whitening helps you turn things around – quickly and easily!

Zoom Tooth Whitening uses the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp in order to activate the 25% hydrogen peroxide whitening. Oxygen is able to enter the enamel and dentin as the hydrogen peroxide is broken down, thereby bleaching the stained surfaces without changing the structure of the tooth.

Zoom whitening takes less than one hour, with three 15-minute cycles of gel application and light activation, followed by the application of a sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste-gel.

Included in our $299 Zoom Whitening special is your take-home trays that will help to maximize the results of our Zoom Teeth Whitening process!

Some people spend hundreds of dollars (and countless hours!) on whitening strips and whitening toothpaste, trying to whiten teeth over time; others take advantage of Zoom Whitening, and have magnificently white teeth in hardly any time at all. With our $299 Zoom Whitening special, the choice is an easy one to make!


Our Zoom Whitening special is a great opportunity for anyone looking for teeth whitening in Massachusetts, including teeth whitening in Framingham, teeth whitening in Boston, teeth whitening in Wayland, teeth whitening in Ashland, teeth whitening in Hopkinton, teeth whitening in Natick, teeth whitening in Holliston, teeth whitening in Sudbury, teeth whitening in Sherborn, teeth whitening in Southborough, and anyone else looking for teeth whitening in Massachusetts!

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